From inside the 2366, the newest USS Company-C came up out-of a temporal rift

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From inside the 2366, the newest USS Company-C came up out-of a temporal rift

Borg King

From inside the 2063, into the Borg attack with the Business-Elizabeth, which had showed up from the seasons 2373, Study are abducted because of the a beneficial Borg drone. Not able to assimilate the android os, the fresh new Borg Queen tried to bribe Study on the subservience through providing him live flesh in lieu of his polymer. Studies starred together, having suggested intimate relations into Borg Queen, just who desired him since the somebody to help ease the brand new loneliness out of her role once the one person regarding the Cumulative, Data generally 'replacing' Locutus. Data at some point deceived the brand new Borg Queen, killing their which have warp system coolant, that can removed the fresh tissue she got grafted on to him. He subsequently admitted so you can Picard that an integral part of him was nonetheless sorry in the their passing, listing you to definitely this lady render to bring your closer to Mankind got temporarily tempted him (albeit for just 0.68 moments, a duration you to definitely, predicated on Investigation, equates – getting an android os – so you're able to "nearly for years and years"). ( Celebrity Trip: First Contact )

Solution realities and you can timelines

The disappearance about season 2344 triggered an adjusted timeline, where the Federation are losing a battle from the Klingons. Data was still brand new ship's businesses officer. ( TNG : " Yesterday's Business ")

Lieutenant Worf encountered good quantum fissure and therefore brought about your to begin shifting between quantum information from inside the 2370. In several universes, Investigation was still brand new Enterprise's businesses officer, and you will attended a surprise birthday celebration for Worf. From inside the one or more ones insights, Data's eyes have been blue in lieu of the characteristic reddish.

In another truth, Data had been the brand new operations officer and you may second officer but are outranked from the Frontrunner Worf, whom offered once the ship's very first manager around Master Riker, Picard having been destroyed about Race away from Wolf 359 when you look at the 2367. That it variety of Study theorized so it would-be it is possible to so you're able to seal the newest fissure whether your shuttlecraft Curie about top fact re-inserted new fissure and released a general range warp profession. Based on Chief Picard, the information on the prie conclusion. All of the incidents adopting the Worf's come upon have been deleted throughout the schedule because the fissure are closed. ( TNG : " Parallels ")

Inside an unidentified, alternate future schedule, Research try a teacher (the latest Lucasian Professor from Mathematics) from the Cambridge College and you may lived from the Isaac Newton's house or apartment with a great housekeeper and many kitties. Seem to inside upcoming, he had comprehended the thought of laughs, saying that their housekeeper Jessel made your laugh. At the same time, his informal address had even more nuance and inflection, and then he seemed to have manage the aid of contractions. He had in addition to dyed element of their locks grey when he considered that it made your browse distinguished. Although not, Jessel is actually of the thoughts so it made him seem like an excellent "bloody skunk." ( TNG : " All the Good stuff. ")


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay from inside the 2366 recreated no less than one or two Datas when he is actually enduring holo-dependency. One system got Study included in the Around three Musketeers, given that other recreated the whole staff of your own Enterprise-D. You to sport of data is present when Barclay said good-bye so you can his aspirations and you will deleted this new programs. ( TNG : " Empty Pursuits ")
  • Barash reproduced the complete command team of your own Business-D into the 2367 to the Alpha Onias III to store Chief Riker around. So it recreation happened during the an effective 2383 in which Study is promoted so you're able to Leader together with end up being the earliest administrator. ( TNG : " Upcoming Incomplete ")
  • A pc description on board the latest USS Company-D since the holo resulted in all letters trying out the look of Studies in the 2369. ( TNG : " A beneficial Fistful from Datas ")